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Best Small Business Applications That Integrate With Google Apps

MailChimp – It’s one of the most popular email marketing services available on the web. This excellent application tightly integrates the MailChimp service with your Google Docs, Google Analytics and Google Contacts services enabling easy subscribers and campaign management. MailChimp also provides a powerful API that can be used to integrate with other services in Google Apps system giving you a custom solution that perfectly meets your needs.

FreshBooks for Gmail™ – This powerful application is ideal for freelancers using FreshBooks system for clients’ invoicing. This app directly integrates FreshBooks system right within the Gmail interface enabling you to manage time-tracking for your projects and team members along with tracking of outstanding invoices. Since it is deeply integrated with Gmail, it saves huge amount of time and deliver better results than ever before.

Shopify Ecommerce Solutions and Shopping Cart Software – As the name implies, this useful application lets you integrate full-fledged online shopping store tightly integrated with your Google Apps domain. This integration enables easier invoicing with custom landing pages and logos. You can integrate various payment gateways and can manage all invoicing directly from within Google Apps administration console.

DocuSign for Google Apps – Every small business that regularly exchange business documents with clients must install this useful app to introduce a more regulated and secure approach to business papers management. This handy app easily adds electronic signatures to your business documents and provides powerful document verification and signature verification system. Through this app you can save a huge amount of time invested in authenticating business documents from various sources.

Wave Accounting – This is a very popular and powerful accounting application for Google Apps users. It has a large user base mostly comprising of small businesses and freelancers. You can also integrate this app with your online bank accounts to automate several business routines thus making the entire invoicing process very easy. There is no limit and restriction on any of the offered features including addition of unlimited collaborators.

Nimble – social CRM – This is a power house for a small business on Google Apps platform. Nimble is a CRM with integration of various popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Gmail. It offers unified inbox from where you can manage all your communications, engagement, lead generation and social media monitoring with ease. Apart from all these activities, you can also unify all your contacts at one place through this excellent CRM application.

Desk.com – Social Help Desk – No serious business system is complete without a robust help and support system for the customers. And that’s what this useful Google Apps application can do for you. This help desk application provides different channels (Email, Live chat, Twitter, Facebook and phone) to cater support requests of the customer. Since it supports real-time responses, you can deliver the very best in this department provided you have enough human resource to continuously monitor support tickets.

Gliffy Diagrams and Flowcharts – If your freelancing business requires lot of sketching, wire-framing and prototyping, you must include this excellent application in your list. It provides powerful tools to create diagrams, flow charts and other business presentations. Through its collaborative feature, you can take assistance of other members in the team to create and publish awesome diagrams and charts.

SherpaTools – Directory Manager – This is a powerful tool for Google Apps administrators. After activating this application administrators get lots of added features for more advanced user and application management. As an administrator you can invoke and revoke privileges and quota to a more granular level to fine tune your entire Google Apps system for maximum productivity. Various auto syncing options available through this application ensures that things get updated seamlessly without any intervention.

Mail Merge for Google Docs – The name says it all. This is an extremely useful application for businesses who regularly send pre-made documents to subscribers and potential clients based on data collected from web and survey forms. This application is tightly integrated with Google Docs and uses Dynamic Document Packages (DDP™) for creating custom reply documents on the fly. You can also use regular Microsoft Office Word and Excel documents with this application.


Finance, Accounting and Payroll
1. Wave
2. Freshbooks – A web-based time tracking and invoicing solution for small businesses and teams. Freshbooks offers several customization features such as using company’s logo on invoices etc. The pricing is based on the number of clients invoiced using the application.
3. Shopify

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
4. Zoho CRM – A web-based CRM solution that now integrates with Google Apps. Zoho CRM allows for complete Sales Force and Marketing automation starting from lead generation to reporting. It is free for up to 3 users and $12 per user per month from the fourth user onwards.
5. BatchBook Social CRM – A simple CRM application that differentiates itself with its social networking capabilities. Apart from usual CRM functions, it allows for tracking activities of your contacts on several social networks such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr etc. Batchbook offers a free account with limited features and the paid plans start from $9.95 for a single user.
6. Salesforce for Google Apps – Salesforce for Google Apps integrates Gmail, Google Talk, Calendar, Docs and Start Page with Salesforce data. This solution is not available in the Google Apps Marketplace but it is available for all Salesforce subscribers free of cost.

Workflow & Process Automation
7. Cordys Process Factory – This application allows for creating rules based applications and workflows for data recording, collection etc. using Google Apps. Small businesses can use it to create workflow for processes like leave requests, time reporting, filing claims etc. Pricing starts at $95 per user annually.
8. frevvo Live Forms – frevvo is a web form building application using which anyone can create rich web forms. With Google Apps integration, frevvo connects forms with Google Spreadsheets for saving forms data. The integration is available for free for all frevvo users.

Calendar, Scheduling and Appointments
9. Tungle.me – Lets you publish availability online and lets people view and schedule time with you for meetings, even those who don’t use Tungle.me. With the integration, it will allow for scheduling right from Gmail or Google Calendar and sharing with Outlook, iCal and Notes users.
10. Appointy – An ideal solution for professionals such as ConsultantsYoga InstructorsTechnicians and businesses like salons and fitness centers. When integrated with Google Apps, Appointy allows for publishing your Google Calendar using which people can view your schedule and request appointments. A free (ad-supported) version with limited features is available to start with.
BookFreesh is another similar application that integrates with Google Apps
11. TimeBridge Meeting Manager – This application automatically finds the best possible meeting time that is suitable for all the participants. Allows publishing and sharing Google Calendar privately or publicly with people outside the organization to view availability and request appointments. Has advanced features like SMS alerts, phone and web conferencing, delay notifications etc. The basic version is free and paid versions start from $12 per month.
12. Google Calendar Time and Activity Report – This application integrates with your Google Calendar and calculates and charts time spent on various calendar activities across event and activity owners. It is a free application that can be used by people who don’t want to use complex time tracking and reporting solutions.

Document Management
13. Box.net Cloud Content Management – Google Apps integration with Box.net allows for accessing and sharing files stored on Box.net from within Gmail and Google Calendar. It also tracks revisions to Google Docs and the final versions can be easily published to Google Sites. The service is free for existing Box.net business users and for new users it is $15 per month per user.
14. OffiSync – A Microsoft Office add-in that lets people who are hooked to MS-Office applications continue using MS-Office applications while enjoying the benefits of Google Apps. OffiSync lets MS-Office 2003, 2007 and 2010 users to save files online as Google Docs, search for files using Google Search and use the collaboration features of Google Docs from within MS-Office. OffiSync is a free MS-Office add-in.
15. Harmony for Google Docs – A Microsoft Outlook add-in that allows for easily accessing, editing, and sharing Google Docs from within Outlook. You can open Google Docs in Outlook, share Google Docs as links eliminating the need to attach files and save Google Docs in MS-Office formats using Harmony for Google Docs. This add-in is available free of cost.

Project Management & Collaboration
16. ManyMoon – A fantastic web-based project management and collaboration application that is available free of cost. Allows for attaching Google Docs to projects and individual tasks, share Google calendars and use gadget for managing tasks in Google Sites. ManyMoon is very promising product and has been around since 2008. I had an opportunity to talk to ManyMoon team and demo the application in its initial stages and it really has progressed a lot since then.
17. Smartsheet Project Management for Google Apps – Extends Google Docs for managing projects. Lets the users use Google Spreadsheet data in Smartsheet online project management, use Google Docs in the Smartsheet as attachments and view attached MS-Office Docs as Google Docs. Available as a monthly subscription starting from $9.95 per month.

Marketing & Sales
18. MailChimp – A great web-based email marketing system for small businesses. With Google Apps integration, MailChimp allows importing contacts data from Google Spreadsheets and Google Contacts for sending emails and newsletters.
19. SlideRocket – An online presentation solution that now allows for using Google Docs data in presentations. The benefit is that the data shown in the presentation will always remain updated and eliminating the need to update presentations with changes in the data being displayed. The integration also allows for using client’s contact details stored as Google Contacts to share presentations. Pricing starts at $12 per user per month.
20. OggChat – A chat solution for websites that routes all chat requests to a designated Gmail or Google Talk account. The chat operator can access chat using Gmail or Gtalk on any computer or mobile phone. It’s a great solution for small businesses that want to provide sales support or customer service through chat. OggChat is free for a single operator.
While the marketplace is targeted towards businesses using the Google Apps Premier Edition, most of the available applications can also be used by organizations and individuals using the free Google Apps Standard Edition.